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face oil


Velvet - face dry oil


Zamat is a dry oil with a luxurious floral scent suitable for facial skin, mature skin, but also for hair and hair ends treatment. It makes the skin soft, radiant and supple. The base consists of cold-pressed argan oil, which is rich in oleic acid. It hydrates the skin, makes it soft, more radiant and supple. It also contains magnolia bark extract, which reduces skin redness. Zamat is made up of natural ingredients that are known for rapid absorption. It does not clog pores and does not burden the skin; the skin remains velvety. It prevents the loss of moisture. Zamat creates a protective skin barrier thanks to the high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids.  Stability is ensured by active vitamin E obtained from sunflowers.


•       It slows down the ageing process and softens the skin

•       It is absorbed fast, does not burden the skin and does not clog pores

•       It reduces redness of the skin and has an anti-inflammatory effect

•       It hydrates the skin and prevents the body from evaporating its own water

•       Luxury natural floral fragrance


Packaging: 50 ml


Storage: Store at room temperature and protect from direct sunlight.


The product does not contain any ingredients of animal origin and is not tested on animals according to EU Directives 2003/15 / EC and 76/768 / EEC on cosmetic products.

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